Miami Fintech Events


Ocean Drive Connections

An exclusive two-day networking event that brings together the brightest minds in the tech community to collaborate, network, and discuss emerging trends and the future landscape of the tech industry. 

Biscayne Bay Scalability

A one-day private platform of the tech community’s thought leadership to provide innovators the technical “know-how” needed to efficiently and effectively champion their innovation initiatives. 

Calle Ocho Tech Conga

Hosting a one-day event where the most innovative solutions are brought to the forefront of the tech community to explore how today’s leading-edge technologies can deliver meaningful value in the digital and non-digital world.


An online training platform designed to provide leading-edge domestic and international tech innovators with insights into state-of-the-art analytical tools that turn real-time data points into actionable insights.

Doral Digital Innovation

A one-day physical and virtual event for staying up-to-date on the prevailing worldwide technology innovations by showcasing the latest tech achievements, developments, and successful implementations.