After years of bootstrapping, Biller Genie secures $3.5M seed round

ORIGINAL SOURCE – South Florida Business Journal Biller Genie, a cloud-based e-invoicing platform for businesses, will scale its operations and accelerate the distribution of new products after closing a $3.5 million seed financing round.  The startup’s investors include Henry Helgeson, founder and CEO of Boston-based financial tech firm Cayan; Harish Nataraj, managing director at York […]

With Open Banking On the Horizon, The Fintech-SME Love Story Is Just Beginning

Interesting opinion piece posted at TechCrunch and something that we have been increasingly covering in member research as well, although there are many aspects of the subject and approaches to understanding the implications of open banking. The author is experienced as a project manager at several fintechs and provides a perspective around the impact that open banking fintech initiatives are […]

The Rising Tide of Fintech

Digital revolution  Construction, as an industry, is in the midst of a rapid technological shift. This is the rise of construction tech, a new sector of seemingly unattractive technology startups finally deciding to take on the construction industry and revolutionise the way we build our cities. With the whole world digitizing at an incredible rate […]

Fintech Payment Trends in 2021: Six Experts Weigh In

In 2020 the fintech industry witnessed ground-breaking changes and achieved goals that could have taken years. While the pandemic might be subsiding, the Fintech industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The pandemic has changed the way people interact with financial services, thereby accelerating the adoption of innovative digital financial solutions. This year alone, […]

4 Tips for Breaking Into the Fintech Sector

A college degree gives you many versatile skills that you can apply to a range of professions. Channeling those skills into construction and technology is now an opportune career move. On their own, you can consider construction and technology two separate industries. However, when you bring them together, you create ConTech, a fast-growing technology with […]

Managing Payments: How Embedded Fintech will Fuel Travel Revenues

As tourism returns in 2021, hotels are focused on converting the pent-up demand for travel into reservations in an effort to recover their businesses. In doing so, many will be realigning strategies to meet both the desire for travel and the expectations of app-centric Millennials who are by far the most likely to book post-pandemic […]

Investment in the Fintech Sector Grows by 56% in 2020

Construction technology or contech has become a multibillion dollar industry. According to the market intelligence firm CB Insights, the contech sector received $5.1 billion in funding for startups between 2015 and 2019, distributed across 571 deals. However, 2020 will be a record-breaking year for the industry, with $1.3 billion in total funding and a growth […]